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Veth Propulsion
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Acta Orion
Our core values Why Veth Propulsion?
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Acta Orion

  • 2 Veth Z-drives, rudder propellers,  type VZ-1800A (1500 kW/1500-1650 rpm)
  • 1 Veth L-drive, type VL-900-retractable (750 kW/900 rpm)
  • 1 Veth retractable Tunnel, type VLT-900-retractable (750 kW/900 rpm)
  • 1 Veth Tunnel thruster, bow thruster type VT-550e (450 kW1500 rpm)
Veth Propulsion delivered the following products:

Rudder propellers

The type of rudder propeller that best suits your needs depends on the type of vessel, drive any other requirements you may have. 

Veth Tunnel Thruster

Does your ship have sufficient immersion depth and you are looking for a thruster with maximum thrust on Port/Starboard when the vessel is moored? 

Bow thrusters

The type of bow thruster that best suit your needs depends on the type of vessel you have and the desired manoeuvrability. It revolves around what you consider to be important! 


If you need a 360 degrees steerable thruster which can be used as auxiliary propulsion, then a retractable thruster might be interesting.