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Z-drives Deck sets VZ-180 for Boskalis
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Z-drives Deck sets VZ-180 for Boskalis

Veth Propulsion recently delivered three Z-drives Deck Installations to Damen Hardinxveld. The thrusters will be deck mounted for a special dredging project in the Dead Sea. Two thrusters will be mounted on special design of a Damen workboat, one thruster will be mounted on the suction dredger. Both can be connected together, in which case all three thrusters are able to be controlled from one bridge.

 Technical specs:
Z-drives Deck sets, type VZ-180
Rated power 190 Kw, 2000rpm, 700 mm propeller in a nozzle.
Combined with an air cooled John Deere Diesel Engine.

Veth Propulsion delivered the following products:

Rudder propellers

The type of rudder propeller that best suits your needs depends on the type of vessel, drive any other requirements you may have. 

Deck mounted

If your vessel is not equipped with an engine room, then a deck set may provide an interesting solution. The installation can be driven electrically, hydraulically or by diesel engine.