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Veth Propulsion
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Our core values Why Veth Propulsion?
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Propeller type

All Veth thrusters are available with either an open propeller, counter rotating propellers or with a nozzle. The choice of propeller depends on speed, draft and your sailing profile. For every situation we offer a suitable solution!

Each project is customized
Each propeller is designed for a particular project. The skew of the propeller is used to lower the sound level. A 4 or 5 blade propeller is chosen, depending on factors such as torsinal vibrations calculations and noise requirements.

Veth Propulsion uses propellers made of CuNiAl, an alloy of copper, nickel and aluminum. CuNiAl propellers offer excellent resistance to erosion and cavitation.

Hydraulic mounting
Our propellers are standard hydraulically mounted allowing simple disassembly (without a torch). For this reason, the hub of the propeller does not deteriorate in contrast to assembly with key and keyway.


If you are looking for an standard solution, we recommend an open propeller. 


When high thrust at low speeds is very important, a nozzle is the best solution for you. 

Counter rotating

Are low noise levels important or do you have little immersion? If so counter-rotating propellers are the best solution