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A big advantage of our retractable range is the use of components from the Veth standard azimuth thruster range. A retractable thruster provides hydraulic lifting and lowering of the unit, enabling it to retract into the hull when not in use. It reduces the vessel’s resistance e.g. during transit to or from the operation area; retraction of the thruster also enables sailing in shallow waters. By rotating the underwater part through 360°, the full propulsive power can also be used for manoeuvring and for dynamic positioning (DP) of the vessel.

The Veth retractable thrusters are available in a vertical retraction system to minimise space requirement in the vessel. Both Z- and L-drive options are available to match vessel types according to different inboard height availability.

A Veth retractable thruster is already starting at 50 kW (VL-50). Ask our Sales Team for the possibilities and applications.

Our customers
Veth Propulsion has proven its reliability in the yachting world. We are suppliers for three of the largest yacht suppliers in the Netherlands

  • De Vries
  • Oceanco
  • Van Lent
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