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The type of rudder propeller that best suits your needs, depends on factors such as the type of vessel, available space and the desired maneuverability. Read more about the Veth retractable thruster, the Veth Swing Out, the deck-mounted thruster and the portable propulsion solution.


If you need a 360 degrees steerable thruster which can be used as auxiliary propulsion, then a retractable thruster might be interesting. 


If you need a retractable 360 degrees steerable thruster which is to be used as auxiliary propulsion and there is limited height available, then a Swing Out may be of interest to you. 

Deck mounted

If your vessel is not equipped with an engine room, then a deck set may provide an interesting solution. The installation can be driven electrically, hydraulically or by diesel engine. 


By applying proven techniques together in combination with simplicity in the design, this concept is a reliable and cost effective solution.