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Veth Hybrid Drive
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The Veth Hybrid Drive combines proven quality and technology with the latest hybrid insights. You can choose between two drives, diesel-direct or diesel-electric, or a combination of both. This enables you to use the particular drive within the portion of the power curve where the efficiency is most favorable. In short, providing you the solution to a wide range of sailing profiles! So you can always choose the most efficient way of sailing.

Added value for you:

  • Better loading of the engine relative to the fuel consumption
  • Higher redundancy compared to diesel-electric systems but with lower costs
  • Lower fuel consumption over total speed range
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Possibility to add batteries and sail in complete silence

Can be used as a generator
An additional advantage of the Veth Hybrid Drive is that the electric motor can also be used as a generator. When the diesel engine is running at less than full power, there is enough power left over for the electric motor to be run as a propeller shaft driven generator, costing little extra fuel. 

The on-board generator sets can thus be switched off or used for other applications.

Battery pack drive
The system is also suitable to drive the electric motor via a battery pack. The battery pack can be connected directly to the DC bus of the inverter so you can sail without running the engines.

The Veth Hybrid Drive thus combines the advantages of both diesel-direct and diesel / LNG-electric propulsion.


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