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Diesel Electric
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Diesel Electric

In height or width
With an electrical driven rudder propeller the e-motor can be placed on the side of the top gear drive (Z-drive type), or at the top of the gear drive (L-drive type).

Decide how much you want to use
Interest in diesel electric and LNG electric propulsion has grown in immensely lately, with a view to fuel economy and reduced emissions. These are mostly ships with (diesel) electric propulsion and multiple generator sets on-board, which together provide the full electric propulsion power supply. When full power is not needed a few generators can be switched off to reduce fuel consumption.

Diesel/LNG electric propulsion is the ideal solution for ships that require large generators for other large consumers on-board, such as large cargo pumps or on-board electrical systems.

There are also disadvantages to (diesel/LNG) electric propulsion, however. The investment required is much higher than for diesel direct propulsion. In addition, the electrical components each has a loss of efficiency, which could total up to about 13%. 

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