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The starting point for the choice of the appropriate rudder propeller is the sailing profile of your ship. Based on that, you can opt for various drives:

  • Diesel-direct
  • Diesel-electric
  • Hydraulic
  • A combination of the above

Diesel-direct driven Veth thrusters have a built-in clutch, with its controls integrated into the Veth Control System. A compact solution which makes the thruster easier to install.

Horizontal vs. vertical
In the case of electric and hydraulic units, you can also choose for a vertical drive: the Veth L-drive. Here, the motor is mounted vertically and the upper gearbox with optional clutch is eliminated. The integrated steering transmission, however, is the same as on a Z-drive. An advantage of an L-drive is that, in the absence of a gear transmission, the resulting efficiency is higher than the one of a Z-drive.

Hybrid drive
Also for sustainable solutions, Veth Propulsion is the right address. Concerning the environment we are committed to making our contribution. One example is the Veth Hybrid Drive.

Veth Integrated L-drive

The Veth Integrated L-drive is a revolutionary concept because it is the most compact electric propulsion system in the world 

Diesel Electric

A ship with diesel electric propulsion has multiple generator sets on-board, which together provide the full electric propulsion power supply. 


The Veth Hybrid Drive has two different drives: Diesel-direct en Diesel/LNG electric. 


With diesel direct drive the flywheel of the diesel engine is connected to the drive flange of the Z-drive by means of a cardan or carbon linked shaft. 


With a hydraulically driven rudder propeller the hydraulic motor can be placed on the side or at the top of the gear drive.