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Veth Propulsion
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Our core values Why Veth Propulsion?
  • Quality | In-house assembly, testing and development
  • Service | Flexible, proactive and fast, 24 / 7!
  • Innovation | Always looking for new and custom solutions
  • Sustainability | Corporate Social Responsibility as a core value


Veth Propulsion is a very interesting partner if you have a project for a refit, retrofit or conversions. Veth Propulsion has years of experience in refitting thrusters in many types of thrusters and applications. From inland marine to tugs and ferries. Besides being able to take care of measuring on board, we can even process old drawings (blueprints) in its 3D modelling software. In this way, with our robust propulsion system, we can deliver custom-made measurements on every vessel and for every application.

What makes Veth Propulsion an interesting partner for your refit, retrofit, conversions projects?

  • Veth Propulsion will deliver a new custom made thruster.
  • Wide range of assembly principles. The thruster fits seamlessly into your ship/hull, as if it were part of the original construction. So no mayor repair or overhaul costs
  • Veth Propulsion can supply complete drivelines, including the shaft line. All parts of the Veth thrusters are at stock.
  • Our engineering and R&D departments are particularly well suited for this type of projects. In order to come to a specific project design, both the demanding environment of an existing ship as well as the accompanying preconditions for the design are taken into account.
  • Veth Propulsion works together with all engine manufacturers. Also older engine configurations are coupled with modern technology.

The broad range of refit reference projects can be found on our website, as well as the case study which tells why Veth Propulsion is the most interesting partner for your refit project!