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Electric shaft
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Electric shaft

Speed ​​control of electric motor with diesel
When the generator set drives a electric motor drives with a single direction of rotation and variations in speed, the electric shaft system is a very interesting solution from a  price and technological point of view. You will also save the purchase of a frequency controller for controlling the speed of the electric motor.

How it works
When an electric shaft system the power cable of the generator set is directly connected to the electric motor. By varying the speed of the diesel engine the power supply from the generator also varies. If the electric motor is connected with a shaft it will also go up and down in speed accordingly.

Your bow thruster with electric shaft drive
The electrical shaft system works very well with Veth bow thrusters with a horizontal propeller, e.g. Veth-Jet / Compact-Jet / Steering Grid / Compact Grid. This type of bow thruster has only one rotational direction of the propeller.