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Diesel engines
Our core values Why Veth Propulsion?
  • Quality | In-house assembly, testing and development
  • Service | Flexible, proactive and fast, 24 / 7!
  • Innovation | Always looking for new and custom solutions
  • Sustainability | Corporate Social Responsibility as a core value

Diesel engines

When it comes to diesel engines, you will receive a total product, along with valuable advice for any situation.

Veth Propulsion has a wide range of thrusters, diesel engines and generator sets available and takes full responsibility for supply, installation, service and repair. You receive a total product, complete with valuable advice for any situation, all based on our vast experience and know-how.

Scania and Sisu Diesel Dealer
As a leading Scania and Sisu dealer, Veth Propulsion delivers new and reconditioned propulsion engines (all speeds) and generator motors (single speed).

Why Scania?

  • Power range of 162 kW (220 hp) to 552 kW (750 hp) at 1,800 rpm
  • Advanced automotive technology
  • Maintenance friendly with separate cylinder heads
  • Compact motor to reduce space used
  • Low fuel and oil consumption
  • Meet CCNR2 IMO-2 emission requirements
  • Short delivery times
  • 24/7 service through 1,500 service outlets in 100 countries
  • Extensive stock of parts
  • Available in 5 cylinder in-line engine (9 litre), 6 cylinder in-line engine (13 litre) and V8 (16 litre)

Sisu Diesel for lower power range
If you are looking for reliable engines that last longer Sisu Diesel is the right option for you. Another major advantage of Sisu Diesel is the short delivery time and the engines are available in the power ranges from 70 kW to 250 kW.

Diesel repair company
Veth Propulsion is founded on the supply and installation of engines and a team of experienced and motivated diesel mechanics and extensive stock of new and reconditioned parts guarantee optimum service.

Power range

Sisu propulsion engines are available in the following power ranges: 96kW @ 2200 RPM up to 302kW @ 2100 RPM.

Scania propulsion engines are available in the following power ranges: 221kW @ 1800 RPM up to 552kW @ 1800 RPM.



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