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Veth Tunnel thruster
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Veth Tunnel Thruster

Your ship design as a basis
Your ship design serves as the basis for the Veth tunnel bow thruster. Veth Propulsion will collaborate with your designer for the construction to fit into your front structure of your vessel.

Advantages of the tunnel bow thruster

  • Optimal thrust
  • Your ship design serves as the basis
  • Optimum efficiency and minimal cavitation through streamlined tailpiece

Special version
A conventional tunnel bow thruster is sufficient for mooring in harbours. But what if you need a 360 degree steerable thruster with great power in deep waters, e.g. for your DP system or as an emergency propulsion? The retractable tunnel bow thruster  is the ideal solution for you.

The retractable tunnel is a special version of the Veth tunnel bow thruster. The retractable tunnel serves in the upper position as a BB-SB propeller and in the lower position as a 360 degree steerable rudder propeller. Want to know more?


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