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Veth Steering Grid
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Veth Steering Grid

Are you looking for a 360 degree steerable bow thruster, which takes little space and is easy to install? If so the Veth Steering Grid is the solution. The Veth Steering Grid is available in the power range from 200 to 650 hp @ 1800 RPM.

With a Veth Steering Grid you can obtain maximum thrust with minimum immersion by using the horizontal propeller. Also at high speed and without any parts protruding under the vessel!

Advantages of the Veth Steering Grid

  • No channels required
  • Maximum thrust at minimum draught
  • Over 360 degrees steering capability
  • Possibility to change propeller without docking
  • Compact and easy to install
  • Low maintenance due to robust construction
  • Diesel, electric and hydraulic drive options available
  • Choice of ClassicLine and CrystalLine panels

Are you looking for a good solution for smaller power range? Then the Veth Compact Grid may be the right option for you.

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