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Veth Propulsion
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Control Systems
Our core values Why Veth Propulsion?
  • Quality | In-house assembly, testing and development
  • Service | Flexible, proactive and fast, 24 / 7!
  • Innovation | Always looking for new and custom solutions
  • Sustainability | Corporate Social Responsibility as a core value

Control Systems

The Veth Electronic Systems (VES) offer you the opportunity to read out, monitor and analyze data and alarms.

Own R & D department
Veth Propulsion has its own R & D department for electronics, which is engaged daily with in-house development, innovation and improvement of our control systems. This is in line with the everything-under-one-roof principle and offers several advantages:

  • Fast service
    • Single contact point
    • Sufficient stock
    • Knowledge and skills in-house
    • Not dependent on others
  • Interfacing with third party systems is developed and maintained internally: think of DP, Pilot and VDR interfaces
    • The Veth Autopilot interface provides the ability to control the thruster asynchronously
    • The DP interface provides safety around the DP control.


  • User friendly
  • Standard with 3 languages (NL, DE, EN), more languages possible
  • Low power consumption by deactivation of the system
    (Starting the system takes less than two seconds)
  • User specific demands possible
  • Touchscreen panel with color display
  • Fully dimmable panels (0% - 100%).

Unique in the market
Veth Propulsion offers you the latest technology by employing touch technology. The quality and appearance of the panels are given sufficient attention.