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Six L-drives for two brand new tankers Oudcomb BV

Veth Propulsion and Sjaak and Yannick Oudakker from inland shipping company Oudcomb BV signed the contract for the delivery of six Veth L drives last week. These L-drives are intended for two tankers. The hull of the first ship, called Oranje Nassau V, is currently being built in China.

Diesel Electric propulsion with a special feature
One of the special features of this ship is the addition of a large battery which is charged by the engines in the ship. The battery acts as an additional power source and can power the electric motors in the L-drives when required. This makes it possible to sail through harbours completely emission-free. In this way, the ship meets the efficiency requirements from the Oudcomb BV and also meets the future emission requirements.

Revolutionary design of the underwater hull
The ship had to meet the requirement that transport is guaranteed at any time. Even when the water level has dropped. This prevents the customer from switching to alternative transport options at low water levels. For this reason, Veth Propulsion, together with father and son Oudakker, has intensively searched for a suitable solution, so that with a minimal draft of 1.45 m it is still possible to sail with the maintenance of the advantages of the L-drives. The shape of the thruster with gondola and anti-vortex plate combines safe sailing at a small ballast draft, with a small mirror immersion and minimal fuel consumption in the loaded condition. The design of the thrusters with gondolas and anti-vortex plates was made by SasTech on behalf of Veth Propulsion. The whole has been validated by an extensive numerical towing test at Van Oossanen. The solution is a new revolutionary design of the underwater hull together with the application of three L-drives which are equipped with semi-integrated electric motors.

The hull is expected to be delivered in China on 1 December 2018 and will arrive in the Netherlands in mid-February 2019 for completion.

The pictures show the adapted design of the underwater hull.