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Fourth successful partnership with JDN for ultra-low emission dredger

Another JDN Ultra-Low Emission dredger with Veth propellers and thrusters.

Veth Propulsion by Twin Disc, Inc. is proud to have cooperated with JDN for the 4th time over the past 2 years on an ultra-low emission dredger. Veth Propulsion looks back on a 4th successful project for all involved parties and thank JDN for the trust put in us as a thruster manufacturer. We are already looking ahead to the commissioning of the 5th and 6th ultra-low emission dredger and further cooperation to come.

Veth Propulsion delivered 2-K1400 VETH-JET thrusters as bowthruster and VZ-1800 azimuth thrusters with 2500mm propellers as main propulsion.

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