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Sea trial first Integrated L-drive successful

The first Integrated L-drive is delivered to Damen Shipyards’ Volt Processor (Utility Vessel 4312, Remoy Management AS). At the 24th of April 2018, the sea trial of world’s most compact electric propulsion solution proved to be a success. All parties involved were satisfied about the results. 

The Volt Processor is a fish farm service vessel of 43.27m which uses 750 kW electric power to undertake delousing operations and other service at Norwegian salmon farms. The decision to choose a diesel-electric configuration was easy, it provides an efficient, flexible power supply for the 750 kW propulsion installation and for driving the deck equipment when moored within a farm. Electric propulsion has the advantage to be redundant and also suitable for Dynamic Positioning.

Another challenge in relation to the Volt Processor was the limited availability of space. “That is why Damen decided the Veth Integrated L-drive would be the most suitable propulsion solution”, General Sales Manager Martin van der Jagt explains. Because of the fact that the PM Motor is integrated in the slewing bearing, combined with the special mounting method, the alignment of the headsets and the adjustments to the control box, the Veth Integrated L-drive is extremely compact. “In fact, the difference in height between a traditional L-drive and the Integrated L-drive is about 2 meters!”

Besides space, the hydrodynamical design and efficiency are other important advantages of the Veth Integrated L-drive. The water cooled Permanent Magnet (PM) Motor is more efficient and produces less noise than an air cooled asynchronous motor. In particular, the part load efficiency is higher. At 25% load, the improvement in efficiency with a PM Motor is 5.2%.

The Veth Integrated L-drive generates less noise, because it does not have a gear transmission in the ship. The electrical steering further reduces noise production.

“All this features, combined with proven technology made this first introduction to the world a success”, van der Jagt says. “The Veth Integrated L-drive is available with power ranging from 300 kW to 2350 kW. Volt Processor is the first model in a series of vessels, which will use our Integrated L-drive.” says van der Jagt.