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River trial successful
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River trial Greenstream successful

After years of preparation and intensive cooperation with the people from Peters Shipyards and Interstream Barging, finally the time had come on the 29th of March of 2013. The river trial of the first fully driven LNG-tanker (110 x 11,40 meters, 2900 tons) was a fact. The by Interstream Barging exploited LNG-tanker is, apart from LNG, also special because of the renewed design. By using Z-drives, it was possible to optimize the back ship regarding efficiency and the installed power. These are a few success factors as to why the CO2 and NOx footprint of this ship are so low.

On the 15th of March, president-director Dick Benschop and general director Peter Voser of Shell Netherlands baptized her. “Shell is proud to be able to be the first to charter the innovative tanker via Interstream Barging in the near future”. In April it is possible to admire this ship on the Rijn River. Now the waiting is for her sister who will start sailing later on this year.