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Veth Propulsion launches compact propulsion unit

Erik Veth, CEO of Veth Propulsion lauched the Veth Integrated L-drive to the media, customers and others on the first day of the exhibition.

The unit is available with power ranging from 300kW to 1,325kW. Larger units are currently being developed, but at the moment, the Veth Integrated L-Drive is designed for vessels ranging from luxury yachts to workboats.

During the development of this innovation we adhered to the principles space, efficiency and noise reduction. The Veth Integrated L-drive is the most compact electric propulsion system  in the world and therefore a revolutionary concept in the marine industry.

The 500kW version will have its debut installation on a fish delousing vessel being built by Damen for Norwegian operator Remoy Management, for delivery next year. Another set of the compact thrusters will be installed on a newbuild megayacht. 

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