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Unique delivery for Ama Waterways

In March 2017 the construction of Europe's largest river cruise ship has started. This ship is named AmaMagna and has the same length, height and draft as all other ships of this shipowner, however, this ship becomes twice as wide. This makes it possible to build larger, luxurious cabins and create more space for additional dining and more onboard activities. The ship will accommodate 194 passengers and will have it’s first journey in 2019. 

Unique equipment with Veth Hybrid Drives
The ship is also unique in the rivercruise market because it is equipped with quieter and fuel-efficient Veth Hybrid Drive rudder propellers. This counter rotating stirrer propeller has a Diesel-direct and an electric drive. With this system people can choose the drive which perfectly suits the sailing profile and ensures a better engine load in relation to fuel consumption, lower fuel consumption over total speed range and has lower maintenance costs.

Permanent magnet motor as electric motor 
Together with Veth Propulsion, AmaWaterways has chosen a permanent magnet motor (PM motor) as an electric motor instead of the more common asynchronous motor. This PM motor provides more efficiency, is much more compact (up to 60%), quieter and and in addition, deliver more efficiency than asynchronous motors.

Technical details delivery Veth Propulsion:

  • 4x Veth Hybrid Drive, type VZ-900-CR-VHD (800 kW/1800 rpm)
  • 4x Scania Diesel engine DI16 
  • 4x Visedo PM motors
  • 2x Veth Compact-Jet, type CJ-1000V (330 kW/1500 rpm)
  • 6x Scania generator sets DI16  - Stamford generator