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24-03-2015 | Multipurpose maritime entrepreneurship opens up opportunities to broaden and strengthen the economic base of maritime enterprises. We are proud to be a partner of a group of 20 companies working on a completely designing an innovative new concept: Eko-Vation.

12-03-2015 | As we speak more than 80% of the piling is already done. We are on schedule with the realisation of our new office and production halls.

09-03-2015 | Veth Propulsion is attending the 13th edition of Europort Istanbul on the stand of her Turkish agent AMAT Engineering.

19-02-2015 | Veth Propulsion is expanding her global network of agents with a representative in the Middle East.

09-02-2015 | Veth Propulsion started laying the construction basis for the Veth's new production site on the 6th of February 2015.

02-02-2015 | Veth Propulsion has delivered and installed a new Scania engine at inland marine vessel Sustinebo.

26-01-2015 | The new ferry between Kessel and Beesel (The Netherlands) is in service. The old ferry had been in use since 1931 and is now outdated.

13-01-2015 | The five-star luxury rivership MS Jane Austen from owner Scylla AS has had a succesfull sea trail.