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Veth Propulsion
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Our core values Why Veth Propulsion?
  • Quality | In-house assembly, testing and development
  • Service | Flexible, proactive and fast, 24 / 7!
  • Innovation | Always looking for new and custom solutions
  • Sustainability | Corporate Social Responsibility as a core value

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Veth Propulsion considers it very important to deliver sustainable quality, therefore sustainability has been integrated into business operations.

CSR as a core value
"Sustainability as a form of responsibility, where actions and decisions are systematically assessed regarding the impact of the environment, business continuity and the chain as a precondition."

Carbon footprint
A carbon footprint provides insight into greenhouse effects. An increasing number of organisations are requested to provide their carbon footprint. Veth Propulsion has implemented three grades:

  • Veth carbon footprint (chain responsibility)
  • Ship carbon footprint (construction + delivery of Veth products up to demolition of a vessel)
  • Transportation carbon footprint (carbon emissions of the chain from mining to delivery in the store)

"We are noticing real movement in the market when it comes to corporate social responsibility. Other parties in the chain also make CSR a part of their business operations and request us as customers/suppliers to do the same."



Chain responsibility
Veth Propulsion selects its suppliers based on strict standards of sustainability. Vice versa extensive screening also often takes place. The US Navy is a good example of this. Veth Propulsion was extensively screened, found to meet the high standards and an order for 40 specially-equipped bow thrusters was delivered.

Veth Propulsion is continually working on reducing the environmental impact through energy efficiency measures (LED lighting, solar panels, recycled paper, biodegradable cleaning products, etc.) and waste management.

Innovative developments
The Veth Hybrid Drive was introduced in 2012, where the reduction of carbon emissions was given special attention.

Veth Propulsion is also a supplier of Scania and SiSu engines where an SCRT exhaust fumes post-treatment system is used.